Southern California Reenactor's Hall of Fame


In the Spring of 2007, the Board of Directors of the Frontier Army of the West, Inc. (parent legal non profit corporation of the 2nd US Cavalry Regiment (reenactors)) was meeting to plan the 3rd Annual Cotillion and Military Ball to be held in July, 2007.  The Board, through its Cotillion Committee has already added the “Punch Bowl Ceremony” to the 2006 Cotillion, and had placed the “Table of the Fallen” into the first Cotillion in 2005.  The idea was floated for a Southern California Civil War Reenactors Hall of Fame, which would honor several persons each year and continue the tradition each year.
The hobby had suffered several deaths of prominent reenactors during the previous year, and the idea was to honor appropriate persons while they were still with us.  The criteria was debated, and it was decided that the following traits would have to present in all new honorees:

     -Over  ten  years  service  in the hobby.
     -Some significant contribution to the hobby over those ten years.


In 2007, the Board of Directors of the FAW chose the first six honorees. They were six people who had served the hobby for years. They were Colonel Ed Mann, Lt.Col. Al Haun, Lt. Col. Reed Settle,  Major Neil Morrison, Captain Tom Atkins, and Civilian Shelley Peters. After that year, the honorees voted each year for the next class of the Hall. 




Captain Ryan Settle, Harts Engineers

Sergeant Garth Stone, 69th New York Infantry Regiment

"The Rising of the Moon" Pub


Major Chip Duncan, 69th NY Volunteer Infantry Regiment

Robyn LaMirand, UAW Civillian Coordinator

Sgt. Major Everett Tomlinson, 2nd Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry Regiment


Major Dan McCluskey,   7th Michigan Volunteer Cavalry Regiment
Major Pete Swavely,   2nd Vermont  Volunteer Infantry Regiment
Captain Chris Beresovoy,  2nd Florida Volunteer Infantry Regiment
Sgt. Major Jean Roberts,  2nd US Cavalry Regiment


Major John Roberts,  2nd US Cavalry Regiment
Captain Larry Kelsey, Hampton’s Legion
1st Sgt. Dawn Beresovoy,  2nd Florida Volunteer Infantry Regiment


Lt. Col. Keith Harriott, Louisiana Tigers
Lt. Col. Gary Busic,  5th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment
Sgt. Major Pete Lamirand,   2nd US Cavalry Regiment


Colonel Shane Padden,  69th NY Volunteer Infantry Regiment
Lt. Col. Shawn Stidger,  1st South Carolina Sharpshooters (McGowan’s Battalion)
Major Mark Groen,  2nd Vermont Volunteer Infantry Regiment
Captain Roger Hurley, Chaplain (Both Sides)


Lt. Col. James Tebbetts, Louisiana Tigers
Lt. Col. Scott Peca, 2nd Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry Regiment
Major David Grace, 69th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment
Captain Dave Oneslager, 1st United States Sharpshooters (Berdans)
Qtrmstr. Sgt. Anna Schurmann, 2nd US Cavalry Regiment


Colonel Scott Harrington, 5th NY Volunteer Infantry (Zouaves)
Captain Bob Kuehl, 8th Illinois Volunteer Cavalry Regiment



Lt. Col. Bob Glessner,  1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery Regiment
First Sgt. Brad Blackson, Hart’s Engineers
Sgt. David Powell, 2nd US Cavalry Regiment


William Peck,   Abraham Lincoln Persona
Colonel Gary Fradella,  1st Maine Volunteer Cavalry Regiment
Captain Jack Hill, Sussex Light Dragoons
Linda Hill, ACWS Secretary
Lt. Col. Bill Schurmann, 2nd US Cavalry Regiment



Colonel Ed Mann, Richmond Howitzers
Lt. Col.  Al Haun, 6th US Infantry Regiment
Lt. Col. Reed Settle, Hart’s Engineers
Major Neil Morrison, 69th NY Volunteer Infantry Regiment
Captain Tom Atkins, 8th Louisiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment
Shelley Peters, ACWS Civilian Coordinator

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